Greenland, 1932 1932

Danish documentary filmed in Greenland. Shows a lot of Greenlanders, skiing, hunting for birds, seals and whales, and ice fishing. Filmed by Dr. Leif Folke.

Estampas 1932 1932

The film documents the actions taken by the Misiones Pedagógicas, active in the 1930s, to bring culture and development to rural areas of Spain.

Election campaign 1932 (Last election) 1933

Ella Bergmann-Michel aborted her last film "Wahlkampf 1932 (Letzte Wahl)" about the election campaign in Frankfurt because of political reasons. During the shooting of the film Bergmann-Michel was arrested und parts of the films were destroyed. The film only exists as a fragment.

1932: Scars of Memory 2005

January 22, 1932. An unprecedented peasant uprising erupts in western El Salvador, as a group of Latino and indigenous peasants cut army supply lines, attack a military garrison, and take control over several towns. Retribution is swift. After three days, the army and militias move in and, in some villages, slaughter all males over age 12. Elsewhere, they summarily execute anyone suspected of having a link to the Communists. Over the next few weeks, 10,000 people are massacred.

1932, la negación indígena 2007

Through testimonies of survivors, an approximation is made to the events that occurred on the date. In the context of the peasant uprising, the massacre was ordered by President Maximiliano Hernández Martínez. 75 years later, a look back to the past is made to try to explain the present of the indigenous communities that were invisibilized.

Holodomor: Ukraine's Genocide of 1932-33 2008

"In 1932-33, Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe, had bountiful crops of grain, yet its people were dying of starvation. In order to crush the will of the independent-minded Ukrainian peasants and secure collectivization of all Ukrainian lands, Joseph Stalin ordered an army of ruthless, Communist Party activists to confiscate all harvested grain and seize all the foodstuffs in the villages. As a result of this genocidal decree, by the end of 1933 nearly 25 percent of the Ukrainian population - up to 10 million people, including 3 million children - had perished! In the face of terror, Ukrainians had little possibility of escaping their horrific fate to create another life elsewhere. Travel was banned for Ukrainians keeping them confined in a prison of starvation within their own villages." - Written by Bobby Leigh

Maifestspiele 1932 im Wiener Stadion veranstaltet vom ASKÖ 1932

Maifestspiele 1932 documents the 'Maifestspiel der Wiener Arbeiterschaft' which took place on May 21-22, 1932 in the stadium in Vienna. After the historical revue, numerous delegation marched into the stadium to demonstrate the power and unity of Austrian Social Democracy. This is often wrongly attributed to Pál Fejös. Rather, it was directed by Stephan Hock. The confusion seems to arise from the film being included as a special feature of the Ö-Film / Edition Der Standard DVD release of Fejös' Sonnenstrahl.

Horse Feathers 1932

Quincy Adams Wagstaff, the new president of Huxley U, hires bumblers Baravelli and Pinky to help his school win the big football game against rival Darwin U.

Free and Easy 1931

A hobo named the Professor and his son, Charlie McCarthy, believe there's money buried in an abandoned house which was previously owned by a fellow named Herbie Larkin. Pretending to be Herbie's brother, the Professor dreams of finding the money by consulting a gypsy fortune teller, who conjures up more than Charlie likes. The reality of the situation eventually sets in.

Hot News Margie 1931

Margie is a reporter on a tabloid newspaper. Her assignment is to find out whether there is any truth to the rumor that college football star Babe Booth is secretly married. To get her story, she goes to the stadium where Booth is playing and gets involved in the game, with unexpected results.

American Madness 1932

American Madness is a film from director Frank Capra from 1932. Set during the depression the film depicts a bank trustee involved in a robbery scandal.

Inklings 1933

An animator is in the process of creating a series of three drawings of prominent historical figures. As the animator goes about his drawings, a narrator tells some stories about the historical figure in question. The drawings come to life as the narrator tells some anecdotes about the historical figure. As each drawing nears its completion and as the story about that figure nears its end, it becomes more and more apparent who the historical figure in question is.

The Audition 1933

Phil Emerton and his band play tunes and accompany guest performers, including singer-dancer Hannah Williams, the singing Three X Sisters, and acrobatic tap dancers Larry & Larry.

Rambling 'Round Radio Row #2 1932

Returning to New York on an ocean liner, Loyce Whiteman, Harry Barris and Art Jarrett decide to visit composer Burton Lane, who is also aboard, to rehearse a little. Saxophonists Benny Krueger and Rudy Wiedhoeft meet and joke with their instruments, also commenting on Prohibition.

Smash Your Baggage 1932

A group of redcaps in a train station perform musical numbers to raise money for a sick member of their group.

Nothing Ever Happens 1933

In this parody of Grand Hotel, despite a dying man's efforts to enjoy his final days, a jewel thief trying to comfort a great dancer, and a big business deal in progress, there are still those who say that "nothing ever happens here."

Tip Tap Toe 1932

Hal and Mitzi have known each other since they were babies. Tap dancer Hal now works as a window dresser in Blake's Department Store, owned by Mitzi's dad. Mr. Blake hates jazz music and dancing. He refuses to let Mitzi marry Hal, because Hal's ambition is to be a dancer on stage. When Mitzi reveals a secret about Mrs. Blake's past, her father soon changes his tune.

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