Broadway Melody of 1940 1940

Johnny Brett and King Shaw are an unsuccessful dance team in New York. A producer discovers Brett as the new partner for Clare Bennett, but Brett, who thinks he is one of the people they lent money to, gives him the name of his partner.

Winter War (1939-1940) 1988

This is a documentary about the Finnish-Soviet Winter War (Talvisota) of 1939-1940. It contains rare and never before seen footage from the official film archives (Sota-arkisto) of the Finnish army.

Catnips of 1940 1934

A Columbia Krazy Kat cartoon released October 12, 1934.

Kampf um Norwegen - Feldzug 1940 1940

Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940 is a 1940 Nazi propaganda film directed by Martin Rikli and Dr. Werner Buhre under orders of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht. The documentary film follows the Invasion of Denmark and Norway in the spring of 1940

1940 Lo Oka Gramam 2010

Dheekshitulu is a 65-70 year old brahmin widower with no children. He sees the beautiful 16 year old Susheela & goes to her parents to ask her hand by offering kanyasulkam (brideprice which was prevalent in some areas of South India prior to the 1940s and is now banned all over) So our 70 year old grandpa marries 16 year old young girl. On the very first night she comes to know that her old husband is neither interested nor capable of making love. Also in the village is the hot headed intelligent Suri who belongs to a lower caste. Our young couple have an extramarital affair due to which Susheela becomes pregnant, Dheekshitulu sends her out of the house, village council shaves the heads of Suri & Susheela as a punishment, Dheekshitulu has a change of heart & conducts the marriage of the young couple, finally the village elders have a change of heart themselves when all the lower caste people refuse to do any work for them.

Screw Drivers of 1940 1940

Film-within-a-film: two men eating lunch at restaurant see another Shell Oil film entitled "The Largest Club in the World" with Lew Lehr and Don Wilson. Humorous driving and pedestrian safety film shot on the streets of Los Angeles.

Commandment Keeper Church, Beaufort South Carolina, May 1940 1940

Field recordings of religious services in a South Carolina Gullah community. Commandment Keeper Church, Beaufort South Carolina, May 1940 is a 1940 short documentary film which shows religious services taking place in a South Carolina Gullah community. In 2005, Commandment Keeper Church was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Husker Century: Pioneer Spirit 1890 - 1940 2004

Explore the colorful and exciting history of University of Nebraska football in the first of a three-part documentary series. "Husker Century: Pioneer Spirit 1890 - 1940." With vintage game films, personal interviews and rousing tunes of the times, this program illustrates how the early days of Nebraska football parallel the history of the state and nation. Fans will learn how sons of immigrants found a common language on rough-and-tumble football teams led by hard driving coaches such as "Jumbo" Stiehm, "Bill" Jones and "Bummy" Booth. A must for sports trivia buffs, this program catches the spirit of the early years of Nebraska football.

Henry Moore: London 1940-42 1963

A montage, using documentary material filmed during the war, shows the beginnings of an air attack and Londoners entering shelters. From the silent deserted streets, the film moves underground into the world of Henry Moore's shelter drawings. People sit along subway platforms, looking after their children, settling down for the night, sleeping in bunks and on the floor. Above ground London burns. Henry Moore used the eye of a sculptor in portraying the stolidity and enduring patience of a besieged people. This film brings together a unique series of drawings which are some of the most remarkable achievements of an artist during wartime. Eliminating all narration, it explores, on several metaphoric levels, the very nature of human consciousness and creativity.

Tiempos de guerra (1940-1944) 1992

Chapter 9 of the series 18 decades of life in Mexico in the twentieth century. Images of the cultural, social and political life in Mexico from 1940 to 1944. The presidency of Manuel Avila Camacho (1940-1946) in the context of the World War II.

Dig 1940 2010

To mark the 70th anniversary of 1940, presenter and archaeologist Jules Hudson goes on a journey of discovery into Britain's darkest and, in the words of Winston Churchill, 'finest hour'.

The 1940s House 2001

The 1940s House is a British historical reality television programme made by Wall to Wall/Channel 4 in 2001 about a modern family that tries to the live as a typical middle-class family in London during The Blitz of World War II. It was shown on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom in 2001, and in 2002 on PBS in the United States and ABC Television in Australia. It also aired on TVNZ in New Zealand. The series was narrated in the UK by Geoffrey Palmer.

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