The Count 1916

A tailor's handyman burns a count's trousers while ironing them and is fired. His superior discovers a note explaining the count can't attend a party, and dresses up like one to take his place. Chaplin also goes to the residence hosting the party, but runs into the tailor. They both then struggle to win the fair maiden, Miss Moneybags. Charlie is soon distracted by a gypsy girl and the tailor must fend off other suitors. The real Count finally arrives, learns of the imposters and calls the police.

Gentleman Jack 2019

Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, 1832. Anne Lister attempts to revitalize her inherited home, Shibden Hall. Most notably for the time period, a part of her plan is to help the fate of her own family - by taking a wife.

Isan Gentleman 2013

Prim’s father is accused of doing something wrong and is put in jail. He was like a governor of a small town. This town was not really ruled by the governor but by this big mob guy. Prim’s dad was in the way so he wanted to get rid of him. Warit becomes the new governor. Prim pretends to be a boy and becomes a worker at Warit’s house. He’s not really fond of gay people so he makes sure that she’s not gay cause to him she looks like a girl. She tells him that she is the unlawful son of the governor and wants his help to help her dad get out of jail. He agrees to help by getting closer to Best the mob guys daughter. He also finds himself falling in love with Prim in form of a boy so he thinks that he’s becoming a gay. Finally he accepts it and tells her[in form of a boy] that he loves her and they become a couple. He wants her to have a sex change. Anyway he married Best to get closer to the truth. Until in the end Best and her father die. Prim’s dad is let out and he finds out that she’s a girl. He is mad that she lied but he still thinks about her. She comes to him and tries to get his forgiveness but he brushed her off. She gets on the bus in disappointment. He realizes that he needs her and rides his motorcycle and stops it in front of her bus. She thought that the bus hit him and begins to cry. Then out of the ditch he came walking towards her and they hug.

How to Be a Gentleman 2011

How to Be a Gentleman, inspired by the book of the same name, is a comedy about the unlikely friendship between a traditional, refined writer and an unrefined personal trainer. Andrew Carlson (David Hornsby) is an etiquette columnist whose devotion to ideals from a more civilized time has lead to a life detached from modern society. Infectiously optimistic, Bert Lansing (Kevin Dillon) is a reformed "bad boy" from Andrew's past who inherited a fitness center, but can still be rude, loud and sloppy. When Andrew's editor, Jerry (Dave Foley), tells him to put a modern, sexy twist on his column or be fired, he hires Bert as a life coach in the hopes of learning to be less "gentle man" and more "real man."

A Gentleman's Dignity 2012

Four men with complicated love lives refuse to admit they're getting older, and attempt to prove that forty is the new thirty!

The League of Gentlemen 1999

The League of Gentlemen is a British comedy television series that premiered on BBC Two in 1999. The show is set in Royston Vasey, a fictional town in Northern England based on Bacup, Lancashire. It follows the lives of dozens of bizarre townspeople, most of whom are played by three of the show's four writers—Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, and Reece Shearsmith—who, along with Jeremy Dyson, formed the League of Gentlemen comedy troupe in 1995. The series originally aired for three series from 1999 until 2002 followed by a film in 2005. A three-part revival mini-series was broadcast in December 2017 to celebrate the group's 20th anniversary.

The Gentleman 2013

The story of a young orphan who makes a success of his life in Thailand despite the class system.

Return of the Saint 1978

Return of the Saint was a British action-adventure television series that aired for one season in 1978 and 1979 in Britain on ITV, and was also broadcast on CBS in the United States. It was co-produced by ITC Entertainment and the Italian broadcaster RAI and ran for 24 episodes.

The Gentleman Thief

The Gentleman Thief is a 2001 British television adaptation of the A.J. Raffles stories by Ernest William Hornung. It features performances from Nigel Havers as A. J. Raffles and Michael French as Ellis Bride. It was directed by Justin Hardy.

Parade's End 2012

The story of a love triangle between a conservative English aristocrat, his mean socialite wife and a young suffragette in the midst of World War I and a Europe on the brink of profound change.

John Halifax, Gentleman

John Halifax, Gentleman is a British drama television series which originally aired on the BBC in five episodes in 1974. It was an adaptation of the novel John Halifax, Gentleman by Dinah Craik. It was screened on the Sunday tea time slot on BBC One, which usually showed adaptations of classic novels.

The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting 2013

The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting aspires to take sketch comedy in a different direction. With longer-form scenes, less traditional material, and surprising cast, it will be at times random, often ridiculous and occasionally surreal.

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