Banglasia 2015

Although the title appears to allude to the alleged Malaysian political phenomenon, the director has denied the insinuation. The cast includes the "Bengal Andy," (Md Shakhawat Hossain Nirab), comedian Saiful Apek, Dato David Arumugam, Zhu Yu-six, female tattooist Kiniki, Singapore artist Ai Dika (Atikah Suhaime), "Laozhabor" You Yamin.

Banglasia 2.0

Harris, a poor Bangladeshi worker in Malaysia, simply wants to return to his hometown to marry the love of his life. However, his leave is denied when his ruthless boss decides to confiscate his passport. Enter Hanguoren, a pro-Malaysian activist who preaches to his fellow countrymen to regain their home in its natural state without immigrants. And then there is Rina, the idealistic daughter of the boss who falls for Harris at first sight, as the trio gets embroiled in an energetic comedy of errors.

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