Blue & Malone, imaginary detectives 2013

Gobinchu, Marc's imaginary friend, has disappeared. Berta, his younger sister, hires detectives Blue & Malone, a giant cat and a plasticine dog, to investigate what happened. Together, they tour the house living many adventures and knowing and facing numerous fantastic creatures.

The Detectives 1959

The Detectives is an American crime drama series which ran on ABC during its first two seasons, and on NBC during its third and final season. The series, starring motion picture star Robert Taylor, was produced by Four Star Television.

The Detectives 1993

The absurd adventures of two defective detectives, who - despite unbelievable incompetence - somehow manage to solve their cases (or be nearby when the cases are solved) and retain their jobs.

History Detectives 2003

A group of researchers help people to find answers to various historical questions they have, usually centering around a family heirloom, an old house or other historic object or structure. It devotes itself "to exploring the complexities of historical mysteries, searching out the facts, myths and conundrums that connect local folklore, family legends and interesting objects."

Battlefield Detectives 2003

Battlefield Detectives is a forensic documentary television series that aired on the History Channel from 2003 to 2006. The series explores famous battles focusing on the battlefield itself, and tell its story based on recent scientific research. It uses modern science to examine how the battles were won or lost. According to History Television, "This series approaches the perennially interesting topic of famous battles in a fresh and exhilarating way. Focusing on the battlefield itself, each programme takes an important battle telling its story and posing a puzzling central question about the battle that recent scientific research is helping to illuminate - a contemporary journey of discovery and a compelling story from the past."

Armchair Detectives 2017

A gameshow in which three amateur sleuths head to the fictional town of Mortcliff to solve a deadly crime, from the comfort of the Armchairs in the studio. They'll watch the drama play out as Mortcliff's crack team of detectives - DI Knight, DC Slater and Scenes of Crime Officer Simmons - make enquiries with the local residents.

The Detectives 2018

A gripping factual series that brings to life the work of real detectives by blending the best of documentary storytelling with fully dramatized re-enactments. Every episode features a different detective reliving the investigation that not only challenged them like no other, but also had a residual impact on an aspect of Canadian life and law enforcement.

Kid Detectives 2009

Kid Detectives is an Australian children's TV program shown on the Seven Network. The show uncovers forensic mysteries in a way that is educational and fun to children and began airing on 7 August 2009. The program is hosted by Stephen Multari and Shae Brewster. The series is based on the book Crime Scene Detectives published by Dorling Kindersley. Kid Detectives use hands-on forensic skills to solve mysteries big and small at home. Kids become forensic super sleuths by following the do-it-yourself activities at home. Kids learn to assess and reconstruct a crime scene, collate evidence, analyse clues and eliminate suspects.

Dive Detectives

Father & son divers / explorers Mike and Warren Fletcher solve mysteries: Missing subs to missing millions.

Detectives and Doctors 2014

The series follows the plot from the first novel, “The Golden Bird Dynasty” (大金鵬王), as Lu Xiao Feng (Raymond Lam) investigates the Emperor’s mysterious illness and meets with a lost princess Shang Guan Dan Feng (Lan Xi) who tells him that he has to find three officials of her old kingdom to find the answer. In his quest, Lu befriends a blind doctor Hua Man Lou (Zhang Xiao Long) and a swordsman Xi Men Chui Xue (Shaun Tam), and they then work together to unveil the mystery.

The New Detectives

The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science is a documentary true crime television show that aired two to three different cases in forensic science per episode. Episode reruns currently air on the Discovery Channel, TLC and the Investigation Discovery network. Before the series was canceled, the show also aired on The History Channel in the United States and Canal D, Court TV, and Botswana TV in Canada. The show was also carried by international markets where the series was shown on the Discovery Channel UK, Discovery Europe, the Crime & Investigation Network in Australia, Prime TV in New Zealand, TV Norge, TV Danmark, Kanal 5 in Sweden, and RTL in the Netherlands. A version of the series was broadcast on the British Channel Five, under the name Murder Detectives: Case Files.

Food Detectives 2008

Food Detectives was a food science show hosted by Ted Allen that aired in North America on Food Network. Ted Allen, backed by research conducted by Popular Science magazine, investigates food-related beliefs, such as the validity of the five-second rule or the effectiveness of ginger to relieve motion sickness. In addition to support from scientists such as molecular biologist Dr. Adam Ruben and Popular Science staff members, Allen is assisted on-screen by a group of so-called "Food Techs," often-silent assistants who are the participants in simple experiments exploring food-related myths, beliefs, practices, and folkways.

The Detectives 2015

Three part documentary series following the work of the Greater Manchester Police Serious Sexual Offences Unit, combined with the Major Investigation Team.

Bone Detectives 2007

Bone Detectives is a television series that made its debut on The Discovery Channel on Saturday December 29, 2007, at 10 P.M. Eastern time. Afterward, its regular timeslot became Mondays at 10 P.M., starting on January 14, 2008. It is also shown on Discovery Channel Fridays at 9 P.M. An article on the series states that it "will follow teams of scientists and explorers as they attempt to unlock the secrets of burial and mummification... Archaeologist Scotty Moore and Discovery Channel Producer Tom Golden from Hot Springs, Arkansas will lead each of Bone Detective's expeditions, which will explore the burial techniques used by some of the world's most ancient civilizations. Billed as a mix of 'anthropology and adventure,' Bone Detectives will also use the burial techniques to reveal portions of the past that have since been forgotten."

Food Detectives 2016

Scientist Prof Alice Roberts, chef Tom Kerridge and journalist Sean Fletcher are keen to improve your cooking, your health and your bank balance by dishing up the plain facts about our food.

Fossil Detectives 2008

Fossil Detectives is a 2008 BBC Television documentary series in which presenter Hermione Cockburn travels across Great Britain exploring fossil sites and discovering the latest scientific developments in geology and palaeontology. The show is a spin-off of Coast.

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