The Man from Colorado 1948

Two friends return home after their discharge from the army after the Civil War. However, one of them has had deep-rooted psychological damage due to his experiences during the war, and as his behavior becomes more erratic--and violent--his friend desperately tries to find a way to help him.

Colorado 1940

Trouble in Colorado is tying up Union troops needed back east during the Civil War and Lieut. Burke is sent to investigate. Macklin and his gang are causing the problems and Capt. Mason joins them. When Burke catches up with them he also finds Mason, his brother.

Killing the Colorado 2016

Killing the Colorado is a glimpse into the serious manmade water shortage that threatens the very existence of the American West.

Colorado Serenade 1946

Duke Dillon has his gang robbing stagecoaches carrying gold which is then melted down by his father. But Eddie and his sidekick Soapy are on the job and they are aided by undercover man Nevada.

Colorado 1915

Private Frank Austin, imprisoned for striking Colonel Kincaid, who was abusing a lame newsboy, escapes to Colorado. Meanwhile, Latin professor Thomas Doyle, his wife Mary and sister Kitty also move to Colorado because of Mrs. Doyle's health and are persuaded by Kincaid to buy a ranch that is worthless because it has no irrigation. While Mrs. Doyle gets well and Doyle's funds run out, Austin, on land bordering Doyle's, strikes gold and is blackmailed by Kincaid to let him have a controlling interest.

Colorado 1921

While in an army camp waiting to be discharged, Lt. Frank Hayden sees a fellow officer, Capt. Kincaid, attacking a girl. He stops Kincaid, thrashing him soundly in the process. However, to avoid a court-martial for striking a fellow officer, Hayden deserts and flees to the desert. He comes across Tom Doyle, who is stranded and dying of thirst, and takes Doyle back to his home. He meets and falls in love with Doyle's daughter Kitty.

Colorado Trail 1938

In this western a traveling gun ends up in a small town and rescues an important rancher. Out of gratitude the rancher hires him to protect his land and cattle from his violent rival. It is revealed that the gunman is the son of the ruthless rival; he therefore, loses his job and finds himself entangled in the midst of a range war. He must eventually face his father when the bad guy takes over the only trail to the market.

Colorado Landscapes 1999

A spectacular gallery of aerial and ground-based photography reveals much about Colorado's history -- from frontier times to the present -- demonstrating how the region's imposing geography has shaped its legacy, from pioneering to mining. The diverse landscapes pictured here range from the state's urban centers to the Rocky Mountains (including the Continental Divide) as well as rivers, canyons, plateaus and deserts.

Colorado Landscapes 1994

The video is an aerial view of Colorado from a Cessna 180 flying over the cities to the mountain peaks, over rivers, farms, canyons and deserts.

Colorado Pioneers 1945

An interesting entry in Republic Pictures' long-running "Red Ryder" B-Western series, this film is not about hardy settlers braving the Colorado winters, as the title would suggest. Instead it's a sort of Reform School Western about a couple of wayward Chicago boys (Billy Cummings and Freddie Chapman) taken in by Ryder's indomitable aunt, "The Duchess" (Alice Fleming.) The boys escaped their very own "Fagin," Bull Reagan (Roy Barcroft), and were given a second chance on the lady's Western ranch. Unfortunately, Reagan returns to do a bit of cattle rustling, once again luring the boys into becoming his accomplices.

The Colorado 2016

A music-based documentary that explores the Colorado River Basin from social and ecological perspectives across history. Brief voiceover texts—narrated by the great Shakespearean actor Mark Rylance—lead the viewer into each of the film's nine sections. Contextual images along with lyrics—sung by the 2014 Grammy laureate Roomful of Teeth—explore topics ranging from prehistoric settlements of the region to present-day plight of the Colorado River Delta.

Colorado Kid 1937

When Hines kills the Colonel for his money, the Colorado Kid is arrested and then found guilt of the murder. Bibben beaks him out of jail and later identifies some of the bills spent by Hines to have been part of the money stolen from the Colonel. The Kid now knows he is the one he is after and heads out to get a confession.

Colorado Ranger 1950

The Shamrock Kid (James Ellison), Lucky (Russell Hayden), and The Colonel (Raymond Hatton) get caught in a feud between outlaws and homesteaders.

Colorado Sunset 1939

When his well-meaning sidekick (Smiley Burnette) buys a cow farm instead of a cattle ranch, singing cowpoke Gene Autry prepares to embrace the dairy business. But with a corrupt association bent on driving up milk prices, it's up to newly elected Sheriff Gene to clean up the mess. Country music icon Patsy Montana sings "I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart," while radio crooners the Texas Rangers perform alongside Autry.

Colorado Ambush 1951

As was customary in his late Monogram westerns, Johnny Mack Brown plays an undercover agent in Colorado Ambush. Brown is sent to Colorado to stem the activities of a particularly vicious outlaw gang

Colorado Charlie 1965

When Sheriff Bill marries, he moves to another village to lead a more peaceful life. His replacement is killed by Colorado Charlie and his gang. The town sends for Bill, who returns unarmed because his wife has hidden his gun. When Colorado Charlie demands a shoot-out, Bill's wife relents and gives him back his weapon After Bill kills the bandit, his wife agrees to his return as sheriff.

Chris Colorado

Chris Colorado is a French animated television series consisting of 26 episodes, created by Thibaut Chatel, Franck Bertrand and Jacqueline Monsigny, with original series music is written by Fabrice Aboulker. It was first aired in France on 18 December 2000 on Canal+, and later on FR3, and it is broadcast regularly on the Mangas channel. Each episode is approximately 26 minutes long. DVD copies of the show are almost impossible to find, as it had a very low release rate. One DVD containing the first four episodes has been released in France.

Centennial 1978

The economic and cultural growth of town of Centennial, Colorado, through the intertwining lives of the brave men and women inhabiting it. Spanning two centuries from the settling of the area in the 1700s, to the late 1970s.

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