Danger Ahead 1935

Captain Matthews (John Elliot) is paid 40,000 dollars in cash by Nick Conrad (Bryant Washburn, who also played an attorney in 'Prison Mutiny') for his shipment of silk from China. About 15 seconds after he gets the cash, he's lured away on a false pretence and robbed by Conrad's henchmen. Newspaper reporter Jerry Mason (Lawrence Gray) witnesses the robbery and steals the cash from Conrad.

Danger Ahead 1940

The Royal Mounties are called in when one of the armored cars owned by Maxwell, containing a gold shipment, disappears with driver George Hill suspected of trying to get away with the gold. Actually, Maxwell and two henchmen had poured acid on the brake lines, causing the car to crash. Genevieve, daughter of the Mountie chief, suspects Maxwell and Thomas Hatch, president of the bank shipping the gold, but she quickly becomes more trouble than help to Sergeant Renfrew in charge of the investigation. Renfrew and Constable Kelly drive the next shipment but Maxwell plans to make them crash the same way as Hill did. Renfrew steers the vehicle into a hillside and this gives him an idea of what happened to the other car.

Danger Ahead 1926

Greedy, Unscrupulous Rudolph learns that Belinda has just inherited $10,000, and he decides to steal it from her. He and his henchmen arrive at her house just as the money is being delivered. Meanwhile, Hairbreadth Harry observes the whole scene, and he hides the money for Belinda. But while Rudolph keeps Harry and Belinda occupied, his henchmen are already going about the job of stealing the money.

Danger Ahead! 1921

The impoverished Harlow family of New England is forced to take in summer boarders. Teenaged niece Tressie welcomes the change and promptly falls in love with a wealthy young guest named Norman Minot. Although Norman returns Tressie’s affection, he is driven away by a fortune-hunting mother who wants him to marry her daughter. Robert Kitteridge, a scheming artist friend of Norman's, takes Tressie on a sailboat outing, during which they narrowly escape death when their boat is rammed by a steamship. After being put ashore the next morning in Boston, MA, Robert takes Tressie to his studio and attempts to seduce her.

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