Forest of the Gods 2005

The story about one man - an artist and an intellectual - who was imprisoned by two brutal regimes, the Nazis and the Soviets. 'The Professor' is a man who lives by his own personal version of the Ten Commandments. After miraculously surviving imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp through a bit of ironic fate, he writes a memoir of his life, which becomes the target of the Soviet censors. The so-called "freedom" of Communism becomes just as oppressive as the German concentration camp.

American Gods 2017

An ex-con becomes the traveling partner of a conman who turns out to be one of the older gods trying to recruit troops to battle the upstart deities. Based on Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel.

Known Gods 2005

Deep in a lush valley are four wine farms and four wine families. Four families surrounded by mystery, love... and murder. Four wine farms - Rossow, Le Fortune des Vins, Smoorberg and Mount Jolley - exist in a crease in time in their valley, almost completely untouched by the outside world. Until the winemaker on Rossow, Deetlef Koen, is murdered. Described as a sexually voracious womanizer; a man of reckless extravagance and egocentricity, Koen's murder sets in motion a series of events that rip open the past, forcing the residents of the valley to acknowledge - and accept - their flawed history. Koen's many lovers, their spouses, a wine writer, an adopted daughter, an estranged ex-wife, a housekeeper, a head worker and the detective sent to investigate the crime - each one's life is irreversibly changed by the violent death.

Windmills of the Gods 1988

When Mary Ashley is approached to become ambassador of the United States of America in Romania she does not take the offer because her husband does not want to give up his well-going doctor's office. Shortly afterward Dr. Edward Ashley gets killed in a car accident. After this Mary Ashley reconsiders the offer and finally accepts. Arrived in Romania she is confronted with a complex plot in which the American President's current plans to improve relations between the US and communist countries shall be sabotaged.

Clash of the Gods 2009

Clash of the Gods is a one-hour weekly mythology television series that premiered on August 3, 2009 on the History channel. The program covers many of the ancient Greek and Norse Gods, monsters and heroes including Hades, Hercules, Medusa, Minotaur, Odysseus and Zeus.

Gods of Honour

Gods of Honour is a Hong Kong television series adapted from the classical novel Fengshen Bang by Xu Zhonglin and Lu Xixing. The series was first aired on TVB Jade in Hong Kong in 2001. It starred Benny Chan, Chin Kar-lok, Irene Wan, Michelle Ye, Dickson Lee, Yuen Wah, Kingdom Yuen and Winnie Yeung in the lead roles.

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men 2007

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men is a three-part unofficial Star Trek fan mini-series which contains many cast members from the Star Trek TV series and movies. It is described by its producers as a "40th Anniversary gift" from Star Trek actors to their fans. It was filmed in 2006, but its release was delayed until 2007–08. It is not officially endorsed by the rightsholders of Star Trek, but has been covered on the official Star Trek website.

Gods in the Sky

Gods in the Sky was a three-part British television series on Channel 4, covering astronomical religion in early civilisations. It is presented by the historian of science Allan Chapman. The series was filmed in Britain, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. There is a book of the same name to accompany the series.

Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters 2011

Tony Robinson explores the weird and wonderful history of belief, superstition and religious experience in Britain. For 2000 years, Britain has been a Christian country. Or has it? In fact, our ancestors actually kept many other dark, fantastical beliefs alive. It was a world underpinned by outlandish, dangerous and plain weird beliefs. Ideas that today seem unbelievable, but were seen as uncontroversial and hugely influential, with some having shaped our history as much as mainstream religion

Search for the Gods

Search for the Gods is a 1975 television film directed by Jud Taylor. It stars Kurt Russell and Stephen McHattie.

Darlings of the Gods 1991

Biographical dramatization of the tempestuous marriage of actors Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.

Tournament of the Gods 1997

Tournament of the Gods is a 3-episode anime OVA series based on a H-game by Alicesoft. It was condensed into a single 35-minute episode and released in the US as a subtitled white-cassette VHS by Pink Pineapple studio.

Angkor: Land of the Gods 2013

Buddhists, Hindus, and hundreds of thousands of travelers from around the globe flock to Cambodia every year to experience the grandeur of Angkor. Its famous temples were built over the span of five centuries by the rulers of the Khmer Empire, and endure today as one of Earth's greatest archaeological wonders. We peel away the myth and legend to uncover the hidden story behind the creation of this ancient city.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a 1982 Hong Kong television series adapted from Louis Cha's novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. The 50 episodes long series is divided into two parts, with their Chinese titles as 天龍八部之六脈神劍 and 天龍八部之虛竹傳奇 respectively.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a Hong Kong television series adapted from Louis Cha's novel of the same title. It was first broadcast on TVB in Hong Kong in 1997.

The Gods of Wheat Street 2014

Head of the family before his time, Odin Freeburn is being pulled in all directions. Can he let go of his past in time to save the future?

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