Lady Killers 1980

Compelling crime anthology looks at some of Britain's most notorious murder trials, in which both male and female defendants stood accused of the murder of women. Introduced by Robert Morley, seven hour-long dramas reconstruct sensational trials which shocked Britain, offering in-depth analyses of individuals' motives and methods.

CopyCat Killers 2016

True crime series that tells stories of real crimes that were inspired by major motion pictures and television. These real killers bring the violence of the movies into the real world, telling tales more shocking than what we see on screen. The series explores the gamut of frightening films from traditional horrors like American Psycho and Scream to cult classics Heathers and Taxi Driver, to modern tales of terror like Saw and Dexter. The real life crime, including the killer's chilling back-story, the murders, and the exciting investigation, is shown as a parallel to the Hollywood hit. Featuring dramatic recreations and detailed insights from detectives, psychologists, film critics, and other experts, Copycat Killers tells these terrifying true stories that'll change the way you see movies.

World's Most Evil Killers 2017

The smiling parents, the respectable groom, the helpful official...all with evil inside. Brand new and exclusive to Pick, Britain's Most Evil Killers explores the crimes of Britain's 12 most brutal killers.

Invisible Killers 2018

INVISIBLE KILLERS, a three-part documentary series, looks at how viruses have shaped our health and history, the biological and social impact they have on our global society, and the incredible science that has arisen to combat them. Each of the episodes will focus on an individual virus, reaching back to tell the history of that virus, and looking closely at the state of the research and technology surrounding the disease today. Influenza, smallpox, and ebola are among the three most lethal viruses ever to have plagued mankind. Each has taken a devastatingly large toll on the human population. Smallpox killed more people than all the wars in human history, and we are just one test tube away from biomedical warfare. The flu spreads like wildfire across the globe every year, killing the young and the old alike, and ebola shocks and terrifies the world each time it emerges.

Ice Cold Killers 2012

Amid the untouched backdrop of Alaska, people go missing at an eerily high rate. It’s a place where people can go to get away from everything, where you can live off the grid and hide in plain sight. For a murderer, it provides the perfect cover to commit the perfect crime. often incorrectly refer to as Alaska:ice cold killers

The Gentle Killers

The Gentle Killers was a 1957 television serial. The six-part half-hour series was produced by ATV and aired on ITV. Cast included Tony Church and Hazel Court. It was written by Lewis Greifer and Leigh Vance. There is very scarce information on this series online, even though the episodes still exist in the archives.

Killers: Behind the Myth 2014

A look at some of Europe's and America's most horrific serial killers and how bizarrely simple blunders eventually brought them to justice.

Becoming Evil: Serial Killers 2019

True crime. Americans have become fascinated with the media genre in which actual crimes of real people are explored in depth. A genre which exploded at the beginning of the 21st century. A genre that focuses on murder. The more hideous and bizarre, the better with the biggest sub category of true crime being the story of the serial killer.

Mafia Killers With Colin McLaren 2018

Colin McLaren shares stories about his undercover work inside organized crime families; chilling firsthand details about how mafia families operate and why their ruthlessness was often their downfall.

Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice 2019

Are the deaths of hundred of young men the result of a single killer, a gang of homicidal psychopaths or merely accidents? Is there a national murder conspiracy hiding in plain sight, or is the whole scenario a series of coincidences? A myth? These are the questions surrounding the Smiley Face Killings.

Faceless Killers 1995

It is winter on the plains of Skåne coast. Farmer woken gets up and goes over to the neighboring farm. The sight that meets him is terrible. His neighbor John Lövgren lying on the floor with broken face. His wife Mary is sitting on a chair with a noose around his neck and her nightgown nersölat of blood. Before she dies in the hospital, she has time to say a word as soon leak out into the media, "Foreign" Inspector Kurt Wallander in Ystad police leading the investigation will soon receive anonymous threats by telephone. When the city's refugee camp on fire and a Somali refugee murdered, he understands that those who threatened him serious. And realize that it is now a race against time. And, against a ruthless opponent. A killer with no face ...

Touching Evil 2004

Returning from a year-long psychological leave of absence after surviving an almost-fatal gunshot wound to the head, Detective David Creegan is assigned to the FBI's Organized and Serial Crime Unit – a rapid-response, elite crime investigation squad – where he and his new partner, Detective Susan Branca, find themselves committed to saving lives and solving cases. In spite of his inability to abide by common sense and the laws he's sworn to uphold, Creegan, with the help of Branca, works on hunting down the most vicious criminals on the streets.

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