Gothic Assassins 2012

A global conspiracy is underway guided by The New World Order. They have strategically placed its members all over the globe in key positions of power. The time spoken in prophesy known as the end of days is quickly approaching. A secret religious order created thousands of years ago with the sole purpose to prevent the Apocalypse must face their fate. Walking by faith not by sight, through their journey, these knights will be pierced by the sword of truth, revealing their own miseries, doubts and fears, discovering how they were misled by their Master. Their faith will be put to test surrounded by temptation, betrayal, murder and remorse. Only the faithful to death shall receive the crown of life. The others will become Gothic Assassins.

Wu Assassins 2019

The last in a line of Chosen Ones, a wannabe chef teams up with a homicide detective to unravel an ancient mystery and take down supernatural assassins.

Assassins Pride 2019

In the world only the aristocrats have the power to fight the monster - mana. Even though Melida Angel was born in an aristocracy and studies at an academy developing mana users, she has no mana. To find her talent for mana, Kufa Vampir was sent to be her tutor but at the same time, he was ordered to assassinate her if she has no talent for mana. He makes a cruel decision to assassinate her because he thinks that it is a wasted effort that people who have not any mana are working hard in this world... However, he asks her, "Do you want to try to entrust your life to me?" He is not as an assassin nor a tutor. He is someone betting on his pride as an assassin tutor, to show the world what Melida is capable of!

Ancient Assassins 2014

From stone-age Hawaii to 16th-century Japan, from Ancient Greece to the Byzantine Empire, elite combat troops -- men trained to perfection, skilled with a devastating array of weaponry -- have been called upon to infiltrate, disrupt and destroy the enemy. "Ancient Assassins" illustrates the tactics of these highly trained killers, showcasing the fatal tactics, immense physical strength and treacherous know-how of the most feared assassins, elite units and mercenaries throughout time. Each hourlong episode brings history to life with a mixture of dramatic reconstruction and documentary filming. Plus, interviews with military commanders help draw modern-day comparisons to today's special forces.

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