Harry And Max 2004

Two brothers, 23 and 16, who are both teen idols, come to terms with their dysfunctional family past and deep affection for each other.

Max and Ruby 2002

Meet two funny bunny siblings, the energetic and mischievous Max, and the patient, smart and goal-oriented Ruby. The show models empowering messages by showing Max and Ruby playing together and resolving their differences respectfully and supportively.

Max Headroom 1987

Max Headroom is a British-produced American satirical science fiction television series by Chrysalis Visual Programming and Lakeside Productions for Lorimar-Telepictures that aired in the United States on ABC from March 1987 to May 1988. The series was based on the Channel 4 British TV pilot produced by Chrysalis, Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future. The series is often mistaken as an American-produced show due to the setting and its use of an almost entirely US cast along with being broadcast in the USA on the ABC network. Cinemax aired the UK pilot followed by a six-week run of highlights from The Max Headroom Show, a music video show where Headroom appears between music videos. ABC took an interest in the pilot and asked Chrysalis/Lakeside to produce the series for US audiences. The show went into production in late 1986 and ran for six episodes in the first season with eight being produced in season two.

Max et Livia 2017

The tribulations of Maxim, who’s trying to rebuild his love life, and the trials of Livia, who’s trying to find herself. Although the young girl’s adolescent angst often clashes with her father’s middle-age crisis, they remain inseparable. Max realizes that Livia is growing up fast and starts doing everything he can to make up for lost time.

Mighty Max 1993

Mighty Max is an American animated action/sci-fi television series that aired from 1993 to 1994 to promote the British Mighty Max toys, an outgrowth of the Polly Pocket line, created by Bluebird Toys in 1992. It ran for two seasons, with a total of 40 episodes airing during the show's run.

Sydney to the Max 2019

Outgoing 13-year-old Sydney is on the fast track to growing up, despite the goodhearted efforts of her protective father, Max. As Sydney attempts to spread her wings and make more decisions for herself, Max does everything he can to rein her in and keep her his little girl. But in so doing, his mother, Judy, is reminded of his own antics at Sydney's age, and the parallels -- illustrated by comical flashback sequences starring a young Max -- are both amusing and enlightening.

Max Steel 2013

Max Steel is a science fiction–comedy, CGI–animated series. It is a re-imagining of its predecessor of the same name, as well as being based on the Mattel action-figure also of the same name. Max Steel premiered on March 25, 2013 on Disney XD.

Fantastic Max 1988

Fantastic Max is a 1988–90 animated cartoon series as part of the 4th season of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, created by Kalisto Ltd. and Hanna-Barbera Productions and in association with S4C. It centers on a diaper-wearing toddler with a mohawk named Maxwell "Fantastic Max" Young who has adventures in outer space with two of his toys: FX, a pull string alien doll from a planet called Twinkle-Twinkle, and A.B. Sitter, a C-3PO-like android made of blocks.

Max Steel 2000

Max Steel is a science fiction–action, CGI, animated series which originally aired from February 25, 2000 to January 15, 2002, based on the Mattel action-figure of the same name. Max Steel ran for three seasons, totaling thirty-five episodes with a predicted audience of young males from the ages of eight to twelve. From 2004-2012, direct-to-DVD movies kept the presence of the main character alive. However, the first movie was the only movie to keep the continuity of the series. After Endangered Species, the continuity was altered. "Endangered Species" was the only movie to be made available in America, while later releases were in Latin America. The voice-acting cast for the series included such people as Chi McBride and Christian Campbell, the older brother of Neve Campbell, as well as well-known sports stars, such as Tony Hawk. After the bankruptcy of Netter Digital and Foundation Imaging, Mainframe Entertainment took over the productions of the third season and the movies. The last episode, "Truth Be Told", aired January 15, 2002. Max Steel was the first computer-generated series to air on Kids' WB. A reboot currently airs on Disney XD. However, characters and storylines have been either altered or taken away entirely.

Karl & Max 2015

Karl, Max and their friend Yvon see their destiny forever shatter when they discover a bag containing a gun and lots of money! By taking the decision to keep the loot of 2.6 million, they will be propelled into a world to which they don’t belong, caught up in a race for millions with the organized crime.

Max & Shred 2014

What happens when you put a superstar snowboarder and a scientific genius under one roof? You're about to find out! When Max Asher moves to a snowy ski-town to live with Alvin "Shred" Ackerman and his family, an unlikely friendship forms. Max loves to hit the slopes and Shred loves to hit the books. But even though these two dudes are totally different, they've always got each others' backs. There's no problem this unlikely duo can't handle.

Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere 2004

Max And Paddy's Road To Nowhere is the much-loved sequel to Peter Kay's critically-acclaimed comedy series, "Phoenix Nights". Written by and starring Peter Kay and Patrick McGuinness, this six-part comedy/drama series is the story of clueless Phoenix Club bouncers Max (Kay) and Paddy (McGuinness), as they escape clubland in their prized motor-home and take to the open highway.

Max Liebman Presents 1954

Max Liebman Presents, is an American television anthology series. A total of 28 episodes aired from 9/12/1954 to 6/9/1956 on the National Broadcasting Company.

Me & Max

Me & Max was a situation comedy produced for Canadian television station CHCH-TV in 1985. Evolving out of the sketch comedy series Smith & Smith, Me & Max starred husband-and-wife comedy team Steve Smith and Morag Smith, and their kids Max and David. All four members of the Smith family played fictionalized versions of themselves, and Steve and Morag also played other characters, such as the neighbours and the boys' uncle Red Green, through split-screen photography. The series lasted for 26 episodes, at which time Steve and Morag Smith went on to produce another sketch comedy series, The Comedy Mill. Following the end of that show's run, Steve Smith developed another series, The Red Green Show. The character of Red Green had appeared in all of the Smiths' previous shows, including Me & Max.

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