Heather and Yon 1944

Andy helps his newspaper reporter friend get the goods on a killer, but when the friend gets injured and can't continue the job, Andy confesses to the murder and tries to expose the killer. while in the jailhouse.

Yona of the Dawn 2014

The legend of the Four Dragons and the origin of the land has been passed down for generations in the land of Kouka. Currently, Hiryuu Palace has no one else next in line for the throne other than the fifteen year old princess, Yona, who had been raised with care. Finally, the night of her sixteenth birthday arrives. She expects it to be a wonderful day spent with her peace-loving father, Il, her servant and friend Hak, and her cousin Soo-won, who she had feelings for... However... That night, Yona goes to visit her father to tell him how she really feels, because he opposes to her getting married to Soo-won. However, when she gets to her room, she encounters a shocking truth. The destinies of Yona and the Four Dragons entwine in this period drama fantasy romance!

Yong Pal 2015

Kim Tae Hyun is a promising young surgeon, but his finances take a dive when his sister's health condition requires costly dialysis treatments. When Tae Hyun subsequently falls into a vicious cycle of debt, he assumes the alias of "Yong Pal" and begins making house calls for criminals who are willing to pay top dollar. Complicating things further, Tae Hyun gets involved with Han Yeo Jin, a comatose patient at the hospital.

Wander Over Yonder 2013

The adventures of Wander, an eternally-optimistic intergalactic traveler and constant do-gooder, and his quick-tempered but loyal steed and best friend, Sylvia. The friendliest face in outer space, Wander journeys across the galaxies to spread good cheer and to help anyone he can — much to his overly pragmatic stallion’s chagrin. Their fun-loving escapades often lead them to clash with the evil villain Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs, who travel from planet to planet trying to make hate the order of the day. Together, the best friends travel through the cosmos, happening upon one freewheeling adventure after another and making new friends and foes.

Yonderland 2013

A bored young mum steps through a portal and discovers a world of incompetent knights, monks who are incapable of lying, and a race of people intent on firing the cleverest amongst them into the sun.

Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-Yong 2014

Detective Yoon Cheo-yong was born with the supernatural ability to see, hear and touch ghosts. He solves mysterious, unsolved cases along with tough and passionate colleague Ha Sun-woo, and Han Na-young, the ghost of a high school girl.

Dash! Yonkuro 1989

The story is a succession of races in fancy routes (pyramids, labyrinths, etc.) and tracks fit to make the cars race. During the series run, many characters will appear, like Momotaro (and his Mini 4WD, Crimson Glory, DashWarriors'last obstacle towards the final victory), Sabu Kinjiro (Aero Solitude) and also Jin that will race the Hell Rally with a new Mini4wd, the Proto Emperor ZX (the previous one was the Dash-X1 Proto Emperor, defeated in the regional finals by Yonkuro's then new mini4wd, the Dash-01 Super Emperor). The tracks become always more harder and the stories unlikely (in a volume of the manga, is mentioned that even the prehistoric children used mini4wd-like cars built with natural materials like wood and leaves that would be pushed by the wind), the story always will focus even more on which one would be the true "Emperor", it will be discovered are many mini4wds with this title that will confront against Yonkuro's Emperor, until the epilogue, in the epic challenge of the Hell Rally. in this race Yonkuro will challenge a group of delinquents that want to take advantage of the best mini4wd racers to manage recovering a treasure hidden during the World War II by the nazis. Between his opponents there will be a revived Ken Hinomaru, ready to challenge the son and test his abilities with his new mini 4wd, the Dash-0 Infinite Boundless. In the end, Yonkuro, helped by his teammates (now far from racing, but always bound by a deep friendship), triumphs with his new car, the Liberty Emperor.

Yong-Jiu Grocery Store 2019

Jung Long, has left home to study in Taipei, only to return to be the keeper of the family grocery store after his grandfather has gotten ill. However, he is not just guarding the store, but also the rich emotions and sentiments within it, and Jung Long’s memories of growing up are once again reawakened by his return.

Little Women 1981

Little Women, also known as Wakakusa no Yon Shimai, is a 1981 Japanese animated television series adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. The series is directed by Kazuya Miyazaki and produced by Toei Animation for the Kokusai Eigasha company. The series was produced as a follow-up to a TV special based on Alcott's novel the previous year by the same animation studio. The TV series character designs differ slightly from those of the TV special; Jo, for example, while she is blonde in both versions, has curled hair rather than straight hair in the TV series. This series is sometimes confused with Nippon Animation's 1987 World Masterpiece Theater TV series based on Little Women, Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari, as both series were dubbed in English and broadcast on U.S. cable TV in the 1980s. In addition, both TV series share a voice actress: Keiko Han, who plays Beth in this TV series, was cast as Meg in the 1987 series.

The Hanawa Sisters 2011

A dad who is popular with the ladies and a mom that continues to love the dad without any doubt like a young girl. The four sisters that the unbelievably ironclad husband and wife raised includes, an unmarried and divorced, a marriage hunter, a boyfriend-less, and one that has no luck with men. Out of them all, the second daughter Takemi, was the problem child, having divorced multiple times and has 3 kids. Because Takemi lives true to herself, she often ends up standing out from everyone, and gets called "the femme fatale with many lovers," problem child," and "devil." Will she end up causing many humorous troubles!? -- TBS -- DramaWiki

Jeong Yak Yong 2009

This drama focuses on the life of Jung Yak Yong, a gifted scholar from Joseon who also had a keen eye for investigation.

You're Being Summoned, Azazel-san 2011

Akutabe, a detective, summons devils to solve the troubles of his clients. One day, a low class devil Azazel Atsushi is summoned by Akutabe and is used harshly by him and his assistant Rinko Sakuma.


YongSeo Couple is a couple from the South Korean reality TV show We Got Married. The husband is singer and actor Jung Yong Hwa, and the wife is singer Seohyun. The couple's name YongSeo was coined by combining the first syllables of their names, Yong from Yonghwa and Seo from Seohyun. They appeared as a virtually wed couple in the show for over a year. They are also known as the "Sweet Potato " Couple, due to Seohyun's massive love for them.

Mr. Swimmer 2018

Bai Yong Ze is a genius swimmer with a humble beginning, while Song Cha Cha is a rich miss whose family takes a tumble. Her boyfriend, for an unknown reason, breaks up with her, and he’s Yong Ze's best friend, Lan Tian. The boys then begin to compete in every aspect of life, from love to career.

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