Hum Kisise Kum Naheen 1977

Beautiful young heiress, Kajal, is the only daughter of wealthy industrialist Kishorilal. She has fond memories of her childhood male friend, Sanjay, and would like to meet him now, and get married to him, and thereby fulfill their promise they had made when they were children. She meets an eligible young man, who identifies himself as Manjeet Kumar Tana, and she likes him. This young man assures her that he will introduce her to her childhood sweetheart the next day. When she goes to meet Sanjay, she is shocked to find that the young man claiming to be Manjeet, is just a Manager, and it is then she gets to meet the real Manjeet, and both eventually fall in love with each other. But once again, Kajal's heart is broken, when she finds out that Manjeet's real name is Rajesh, and he is part of a deceptive plot that involves her abduction.

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