Insatiable Wives 2000

Donna is is unsatisfied with her sex life and jealous of her friends’ husbands. One night she wishes to have their life and wakes up the next morning to find that she has magically swapped places with them.

The Insatiable 2007

A drab, run-of-the-mill guy witnesses a vampiress devour a bum and becomes so infatuated with her, he tracks her down and traps her in a basement so she can't kill again.

Insatiable Alicia and the Marquis 1983

Alice meets with his uncle in the castle where he works as a servant. She pretends to be rich to conquer the marquis but Alicia fall in love with the groom.

The Insatiable 1971

Reiko Ike stars as Yuki, a girl who has lesbian sex with Miki Sugimoto at a Catholic school during the opening credits. She is then raped by her mother’s sleazy boyfriend, quits school, leaves home and burns through a number of sugar daddies before eventually meeting a nice guy architecture student. Will their love be strong enough to defeat (or accept) her fuckmad body?

The Insatiable Moon 2011

When Arthur, self-proclaimed son of God, sets off on a mission to find the Queen of Heaven, his world changes.

Insatiable 2008

A shop assistant discovers her megalomaniac boss is selling human flesh to his starving customers.

Bi'r al-herman 1969

Melodrama about a woman in need of psychiatric care.

Suede: The Insatiable Ones 2018

Looking at identity, power, happiness, self-destruction and acceptance, this is a thematic exploration of a group that opened the door for Britpop and led the way for a new era of guitar music.

Insatiable 2012

About human trafficking and one girl's discovery of mankind's insatiable hunger for sex.

The Insatiable Ironbabe 2008

A beautiful billionaire who heads up a sex toy corporation is kidnapped by an evil mogul and her only way to escape is with the help of some stunning friends and her own inventions.

Insatiable Lust 2008

Liya to the steamy erotic world of fashion photography after taking a job as a makeup artist for an erotic photo shoot.

Insatiable Needs 2005

The Manager of the rock band hires a nurse to provide on the eve of the summer tour of a healthy lifestyle rock star, who recently fainted during rehearsals. So begins the story, and it seems that nurse their expectations were not deceived...

Insatiable Desires 2003

Dr. Karin Clemmons specializes in group therapy and subdues patients Tania and Justin to help them realize their fantasies. Each session heats up and soon Karin can’t help but join in the fun

Insatiable Cravings

A man shocks his girlfriend by revealing that he bought them a large house (which used to be an old bordello) without her knowledge, and he infuriates her by inviting his spiteful ex-girlfriend to the surprise party of friends.

Sexually Insatiable 2009

Three women make a pact to experience as much uncommitted sex as possible, but when one of them falls for the guy next door, the others stick to their agreement and seduce their friend's new love.

Insatiable Obsession 2006

Originally known as the working title "Ghost House" this is one very rare gem. Insatiable Obsession (2006) starts with a writer having writers block. His wife, Amy Lindsay, suggests that they rent a house with the hope it will cause inspiration. It does. It is not really clear if the story that unfolds is supposed to be true, or a product of his imagination. The house once was a brothel run by Monique Parent. Supposedly, there is $.5M hidden somewhere in the house, and real estate agent Chloe and her handyman boyfriend are trying to find it. The writer keeps talking to the ghost (Monique Parent).

Insatiable: The Homaro Cantu Story 2016

At the age of 26, innovative chef and inventor Homaro Cantu helped put Chicago on the culinary map when he opened his first restaurant “Moto” in the city’s untapped Fulton Market meatpacking district. Virtually overnight, Cantu rose to the rank of celebrity chef and became famous for his “molecular gastronomy” approach to cooking. Cantu’s meteoric rise to fame masked an early life of poverty, homelessness, and even physical and emotional abuse. Filmed over a period of three years with remarkable access, INSATIABLE follows Cantu at a pivotal moment in his career and takes you on a dizzying and thrilling ride, in a story that moves from redemption and inspiration to tragedy and back again.

Insatiable 2018

A bullied teenager turns to beauty pageants as a way to exact her revenge, with the help of a disgraced coach who soon realizes he's in over his head.

Golan, The Insatiable 2013

"Golan the Insatiable" is the story of a mighty godlord from an alternate universe who arrives in the small town of Oak Grove, where his only friend is a 10-year-old goth girl named DYLAN. Together they fight the boredom of suburban life. GOLAN is Dylan’s ideal playmate and constantly urges him to destroy and wreak havoc on the town that makes her so miserable.

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