Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy 2013

In ancient Egypt, Isis and Osiris ruled the land. All were happy for the couple except one, Set, a jealous man who killed Osiris in order to take over his kingdom. Isis snuck into Osiris' tomb and tried to raise him from the dead using her black magic. Set caught Isis in the act and had Osiris cut to pieces, with each piece buried in a different part of the land, so Isis could never again raise her husband. Isis vowed to avenge Osiris' death and return with him to rule over all the worlds. Now, six college students take their last course in archeology in anticipation for graduation. Their last assignment is to uncover and document the museum's new acquisitions with their teacher, Prof. Shields and world-renowned Egyptologist Dr. Nasir. During the night they haphazardly awaken the ancient spirit of Isis' lost soul and her wrath is unleashed on the group.

The Mummy: The Animated Series 2001

The Mummy: The Animated Series is an animated television series produced by Universal Animation Studios to capitalize on the success of The Mummy. It premiered on Kids' WB! On the The WB network on September 29, 2001. It is set sometime between 1920 and 1934. The characters and plot were derived from the film, but the series could not replicate its success, efforts to make it consistent with real-world features were almost non-existent as, for example, Lake Titicaca is described as both puma-head shaped and as being found below the ruins of Macchu Picchu. The poor quality of the animation disappointed fans of the special effects-laden movie. It was retooled and rechristened The Mummy: Secrets of the Medjai for its second season, which began on February 15, 2003. Although the quality is considered to have improved between the first and second seasons, the show failed to find an audience and was cancelled on June 7, 2003. Reruns of the show aired on Toon Disney. The entire series was released on DVD in America R1 in three volumes on July 22, 2008.

Mummy Nanny

Mummy Nanny is a German television series.

Mummy Forensics 2008

Using science and detective skills, the Mummy Investigation Team solves the earliest cases of identity theft and murder.

Mummy Ke Superstars

Amul Voice of India – Mummy Ke Superstars is an Indian television talent show for child singers on the Star Plus channel. A feature of the show is that all of the contestants are accompanied by their mothers. The show is hosted by Akriti Kakkar and Ali Asgar, with Shubha Mudgal, Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani as judges.

I Love Mummy 2002

I Love Mummy was a sitcom that ran for one season in 2002 after filming 26 episodes. The show was created by Ellis Iddon and Phil Meagher; and produced by Ellis Iddon, Phil Meagher, Mark Iddon, Ira Levy and Peter Williamson. The show's production company is Winklemania Productions, Breakthrough Entertainment. The music was composed by Ellis Iddon, Phil Meagher and Simon Turner. The show centred around the Barns family, who moved into their dead grandmother's house. In the attic they come across a sarcophagus that opens up to reveal a 5,000-year-old demi-god, Prince Nuffratuti of Abu Simbel, who is unable to ascend to the afterlife until he has completed his scroll of tasks.

Bunty Bubbly Ki Mummy

Bunty Bubbly Ki Mummy was an Indian television series which aired on DD National at 9 pm every Monday and Tuesday. It was re-telecasted every Saturday at 12 noon. The series stars Benjamin Gilani and Grusha Kapoor in the main lead. It was directed by Bikramjeet Singh Bhullar and produced by Grusha Kapoor.

Mummies Alive! 1997

Mummies Alive! is an American animated series from DIC Entertainment. It originally aired for one season in 1997. In ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer named Scarab, kills the pharaoh's son, Prince Rapses, so he can become immortal. Entombed alive for his crime, Scarab revives in the modern world and begins his search for Rapses' reincarnation, a San Francisco-dwelling boy named Presley Carnovan to retrieve the spirit of Rapses' so he can become immortal. Rapses' bodyguards, Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon, and Nefer-Tina, along with Rapses' cat, Kahti, awake from the dead to protect him from Scarab. They use the power of Ra to transform into powerful guardians. Each of the mummies is aligned with the power of an Egyptian god. Ja-Kal uses the spirit of falcon, Rath uses the spirit of snake, Armon uses the spirit of ram, and Nefer-Tina uses the spirit of cat. They are able to call upon it for magical armor and powers to fight superhuman evildoers. Although, once their strength is exhausted, they must rest in their sarcophagi to regain the ability. In order to access these powers, the mummies call out the phrase "With the Strength of Ra!", which triggers their transformation. The mummies also have the power to make a horrifying face, usually used to scare away nosy bystanders.

How to Keep a Mummy 2018

Kashiwagi Sora is living a normal high school student life, when his "adventurer" father sends him a mummy from his travels in Egypt! Sora balks at the letter from his crazy dad ("I found a cool mummy, so I decided to leave it with you, son!") at first, but the mummy that emerges from inside the huge coffin is a mere 12 centimeters tall--small enough to fit in the palm of his hand... Not only that, it's shy, a crybaby, and most of all, heckin' cute. And so, Sora and ends up keeping the mummy, naming his new little buddy "Mii-kun." But living with a mummy might be easier said than done...!

Mummy's sons 2017

The series of the 42nd episode monitors the joint life of Mother Rose, who has fully grown up in her old age, and her son, Milentie - Baba, who has long been a child. With his non-interference, Rosin's elder son Misha, as a rule, complicates the situation. In this game, everyone has a goal, but one thing is clear - there is no winner. Rosa can not be without Baby, Baby can not with Roses, and Misha simply has no time.

Moomin 1990

In the remote and mysterious Moomin Valley live the Moomin trolls, gentle and peaceful creatures. Young Moomin and his family experience many strange adventures, both magical and mundane. Based on the children's stories by Tove Jansson.

Tutankhamun 2016

The remarkable story of the chance meeting that transformed penniless, ostracised archaeologist Howard Carter into a household name following his discovery of the tomb of the boy-king, Tutankhamun.

Yummy Mummies 2017

These stunning young mums-to-be have model good looks, glamorous lives and are never seen without their high heels, designer wear and latest accessory: their baby bump! The Yummy Mummies make elaborate plans for motherhood and have outrageous opinions of what to expect while they’re expecting.

Chasing Mummies 2010

Chasing Mummies: The Amazing Adventures of Zahi Hawass is a reality television series which is airing on The History Channel in the United States. Produced by Boutique TV, this series depicts the adventures of archaeologist and Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass and his discoveries in Egypt as he is followed by young archeological fellows and a camera crew. The series began on Wednesday, 14 July 2010 and aired Wednesdays at 10pm on the History Channel. The shows illustrates the complexities in the almost never-ending quest to preserve and discover artifacts from ancient Egypt.

Mummies Alive 2015

Mummies Alive, a new historical documentary series, is coming to the Smithsonian channel. Broadway World is reporting that Mummies Alive will premiere tonight. The TV series was originally released on April 19 in Canada. It is produced by Saloon Media and Impossible Factual, in association with Shaw Media. Directed by Mick Grogan and narrated by Jason Priestly, the six-one hour episodes center around mummies that have been found all around the world and the stories and legends surrounding their deaths. In tonight's episode, Mummies Alive will focus on a mummy known as gunslinger mummy Sylvester, 14-year-old Inca Maiden, and Otzi, The Iceman - just to name a few.

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