One Nine Nine Four 2009

Explore the birth, growth and eventual tipping point of punk rock during the 90s. Narrated by skateboarder Tony Hawk, the film features interviews and footage of various bands and figures in the punk scene.

Four Weddings 2009

Four Weddings is a lifestyle reality game show that has aired on Sky Living since 6 July 2009.

Four in a Bed 2010

Four pairs of B&B owners from across Britain take it in turns as hosts to decide which of their establishments provides the best value for money.

Fantastic Four 1994

Fantastic Four, also known as Fantastic Four: The Animated Series, is the third animated television series based on Marvel's comic book series of the same name. Airing began on September 24, 1994, until ending on February 24, 1996. The series ran for 2 seasons, with 13 episodes per season, making 26 episodes in total.

Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes 2006

Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes is an animated television series based on the Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four comic book series and the movie itself. The series is the team's fourth foray into animation, and combines two-dimensional anime-style art and three-dimensional computer animation produced by the France-based animation company MoonScoop, and is also produced by MoonScoop division Taffy Entertainment. All in collaboration with Cartoon Network. In the United States, the show suffered an erratic airing schedule on Cartoon Network, having premiered as part of Toonami on September 2, 2006 but only running for 8 of the season's 26 episodes before being pulled without explanation. It returned to the network starting June 9, 2007, shortly before the release of the film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but again, only nine further episodes were aired, leaving nine installments unaired in the USA. The show aired on Boomerang for a brief time before moving to the Nicktoons Network to air the final episodes. Episodes unaired in the US began airing on the Nicktoons Network in the winter of 2009. It is distributed in the USA by 20th Century Fox and 20th Television, and in other countries by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Four Corners 1961

Four Corners is Australia's longest-running investigative journalism/current affairs television program. Broadcast on ABC1 in Australia, it premiered on 19 August 1961 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011. Founding producer Robert Raymond and his successor Allan Ashbolt did much to set the ongoing tone of the program. Based on the Panorama concept, the program addresses a single issue in depth each week, showing either a locally produced program or a relevant documentary from overseas. The program has won many awards for investigative journalism, and broken many high-profile stories. A notable early example of this was the show's epoch-making 1962 exposé on the appalling living conditions endured by many Aboriginal Australians living in rural New South Wales.

Fantastic Four 1978

Fantastic Four is the second animated series based on Marvel's comic book series Fantastic Four. It aired on NBC from September 9 to December 16, 1978.

Four More Shots Please 2019

Four unapologetically flawed women live, love, blunder and discover what really makes them tick through friendship and tequila in millennial Mumbai.

Four Kings 2006

Barry, Ben, Jason, and Bobby—four lifelong friends who affectionately refer to themselves as the “Four Kings of New York”— find their bonds to one another tested when they all move into the apartment that Ben inherited from his grandmother.

Four Corners 1998

In a growing southwestern community where old-fashioned values are at odds with changing times, Amanda Wyatt is forced to run her sprawling ranch while fighting off encroaching developers after the death of her husband. Living in a town in transition, where migrant workers toil just down the road from upscale ski resorts, Amanda finds solace in her friendship with the widowed Carlota Alvarez, as both try to keep their children on track.

The Four: Battle for Stardom 2018

Four super-talented and fiercely competitive singers, chosen from their auditions by the show’s panel of music industry experts, will try to defend their coveted spots on the stage, as they are challenged individually by new singers determined to replace them.

Four Star Playhouse 1952

Four Star Playhouse is an American television anthology series that ran from 1952 to 1956, sponsored in its first bi-weekly season by The Singer Company; Bristol-Myers became an alternate sponsor when it became a weekly series in the fall of 1953. The original premise was that Charles Boyer, Ida Lupino, David Niven, and Dick Powell would take turns starring in episodes. However, several other performers took the lead from time to time, including Ronald Colman and Joan Fontaine. Blake Edwards was among the writers and directors who contributed to the series. Edwards created the recurring character of illegal gambling house operator Willie Dante for Dick Powell to play on this series. The character was later revamped and spun off in his own series starring Howard Duff, then-husband of Lupino. The pilot for Meet McGraw, starring Frank Lovejoy, aired here, as did another episode in which Lovejoy recreated his role of Chicago newspaper reporter Randy Stone, from the radio drama Nightbeat.

Ball Four 1976

Ball Four is a 1976 American situation comedy that aired on CBS in 1976. The series is inspired by the 1970 book of the same name by Jim Bouton. Bouton co-created the show with humorist and television critic Marvin Kitman and sportswriter Vic Ziegel. Bouton also starred in the series. Ball Four followed the Washington Americans, a fictitious minor league baseball team, dealing with the fallout from a series of Sports Illustrated articles written by Americans player Jim Barton. Like the book, the series covered controversial subjects including womanizing players, drug use, homosexuality in sports and religion. The series included a gay rookie ballplayer, one of the earliest regular gay characters on television. The trio began developing the series in 1975, looking to other series like M*A*S*H and All in the Family as models. CBS expressed interest and the creative team developed a script. CBS shot the pilot episode and ultimately bought the series. Ball Four aired at 8:30 PM Eastern time, which was during the Family Viewing Hour, an FCC-mandated hour of early evening "family-friendly" broadcasting. Consequently the writers had some trouble with the network's Standards and Practices in their attempt to portray realistic locker room scenes, especially the language used by the players. Pseudo-profanity such as "bullpimp" was disallowed, while "horse-crock" and "bullhorse" were approved.


Four is an Indian soap opera on SAB TV channel that aired every Monday to Friday at 8.30 p.m in India.

Ryan's Four 1983

Ryan's Four is an American medical drama television series that aired from April 5 until April 27, 1983.

Four Live

Four Live is a New Zealand topical entertainment show, airing weekday afternoons on FOUR. It is hosted by Shannon Ryan, Sharyn Casey, Tumehe Rongonui and Kanoa Lloyd. Many guests appear on the show to feature the latest in music, fashion, entertainment, gaming and film. FOUR Live encourages viewers to take part in the show through their Facebook and Twitter. The show asks the opinions from viewers on their daily topic post and the presenters address those opinions from viewers throughout the show. The show allows viewers to win prizes through live on air telephone competitions, text to be into win competitions and online competitions. The episode repeats on 7.30pm that same day on C4.

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