Turkish Delight 1973

Eric, a gifted sculptor has a stormy, erotic, and star-crossed romance with a beautiful young girl, Olga. The story follows the arc of their relationship and his interaction with her family.

The Fruit Machine 1988

Eddie and Michael are two 16-year-old gay friends from Liverpool. Berated by his father for his camp behavior, Eddie runs away from his Liverpool home and joins Michael, a streetwise hustler, who is also on the run.

Forbidden Fruit 1921

Mary Maddock becomes a seamstress after her husband Steve wastes their money on booze. Her employer provides her as an escort to accompany millionaire Mallory. Her husband tries blackmailing Mallory and is later killed by the police, leaving Mary free to wed the millionaire.

Fake Fruit Factory 1986

Intimate documentary about young women who make papier mache fruit and vegetables in a small factory in Mexico. They have a gringo boss, but the factory is owned by his Mexican wife. The focus of the film is on the color, music and movement involved, and the gossip which goes on constantly, revealing what the young women think about men.

Stranger Fruit 2017

What happened on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri? On that hot summer day, Officer Darren Wilson killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Stranger Fruit is the unraveling of what took place that day, told through the eyes of Mike Brown’s family.

Strange Fruit 2004

New York attorney William Boyals has escaped the Louisiana bayou of his childhood, but he must return to investigate the death of a childhood friend who, like Boyals himself, was both black and gay.

Strange Fruit 2014

The peaceful daily routine of father and son is interrupted by an encounter of an unfamiliar boy, different from them in color. An allegory to the phenomena of racism as an acquired cultural epidemic, the story discusses the question of the personal conscience of each of us, versus the education we receive from our families and environment. Can we really insist on our personal belief system, when what we must believe in, is dictated to us? The film presents how easily we acquire fear and hatred of foreigners, as well as how easily we might become the "strangers" and "others" ourselves.

The Fruit Hunters 2012

The Fruit Hunters explores the little known subculture and history of rare fruit hunters who travel the globe in an obsessive search for the exotic, in this stylish and sometimes erotic documentary.

Strange Fruit 2002

In 1937, after seeing a photo depicting the lynching of a black man in the south, Bronx-born high school teacher Abel Meeropol wrote a poem entitled "Strange Fruit" that begins with the words: "Southern trees bear a strange fruit / Blood on the leaves and blood at the root." He set the poem to music and a few years later convinced Billy holiday to record it in a legendary heartbreaking performance. Intertwining jazz genealogy, biography, performance footage, and the history of lynching, director Joel Katz fashions a fascinating discovery of the lost story behind a true American classic. Written by Excerpted from Coolidge Corner Theatre Program Update

Soft Fruit 1999

For the first time in 15 years, all four siblings in a family show up to care for their dying mother, who is only given a couple of weeks to live. One comes from America with her two children. A divorced sister also comes with her child and sneaks off regularly to meet a mystery man who may be her ex-husband. The third & youngest daughter is an unmarried nurse aware of her ticking biological clock. The only son chases after his grumpy father who seems to not care a whit about his wife's circumstances. The four are also faced my their mother's dreams to accomplish a few things before she dies - to visit a beach she had visited in the past, to see her youngest married, and to visit Paris. She also wants to be embalmed and be honored with a 21 gun salute. Thus the whole group has to set off in the quest to fulfill their mother's wishes.

The Fruit Machine 2018

Some softened by age and sadness, others loud and angry, the voices of the survivors of Canada’s public service homosexual purge are now united, and determined. They are torqued by decades of silence, years of being ignored. They demand justice, and they want to be heard. Theirs is a story of betrayal that is both national and deeply personal. Men and women who dedicated their lives to public service, some signing oaths of allegiance and servitude; casualties of a political tapestry woven in the fibers of acute security measures that somehow became normalized.

Forbidden Fruit 2016

Sam lives a toxic relationship with his mother. Both live at an age when their bodies change and evolve, between discovery and dread of their own femininity.

Fear No Fruit 2015

A chronicle of Frieda Caplan's rise from being the first woman entrepreneur on the L.A. Wholesale Produce Market in the 1960s, to transforming American cuisine by introducing over 200 exotic fruits and vegetables to U.S. supermarkets. Still an inspiration at 91, Frieda's daughters and granddaughter carry on the business legacy.

Fruit 2016

Rise into being, mature, perish – "Fruit" tells a creation story. As the animated short film unfolds, it brings forth a play of shapes illustrating the dialog between two mythological forces – the West and the East.

Fruit 1985

A 1985 film by Anne Charlotte Robertson. Super-8, colour, silent.

The Fruitless Tree 2017

There is certainly some pressure to procreate in Western societies, but in some countries, it’s not even a question of choice. Married but childless, director Aicha Macky’s circumstance is judged unacceptable in her native Niger. Doctors haven’t been able to determine why she can’t conceive, but in her conservative Muslim society, women are always getting blamed for infertility, while men are rarely diagnosed. Speaking to her departed mother who died in childbirth, she expresses her deep sadness: “By giving life, you lost yours, whereas I’m dying a slow death by not being able to give life.” Drawing from her personal experience, Macky bravely addresses the taboo of childlessness and the stigma Nigerien women like her must endure. Through delicate, exquisitely shot portraits, and sensitive observation of other women’s secret suffering, she finds a way to affirm herself as a fulfilled individual among mothers.

Fruit Fly 2009

Filipina performance artist Bethesda moves into an art commune to search for her long missing biological mother. Along the way, she comes to realize that she just might be a fairy princess, fag hag, fruit fly.

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