The Flying Torpedo 1916

In the future (1921), an alliance of several foreign countries plot to attack the US. American officials, coming to the realisation that the country is basically defenceless, offer $1,000,000 to anyone who can come up with a weapon to defeat the invaders. Winthrop Clavering, a writer and inventor, hears of the reward and tells his friend Bartholomew Thompson, a scientist and inventor who has been working on developing flying torpedo. However, enemy agents have also heard about Thompson's project, and set out to kill him and steal his plans. This film is now considered lost.

The Torpedoes 2014

Sonny is released from prison where he got a romantic relationship with one of the employees Camilla. He is getting ready to live a normal life and move in with her, but a last minute bid on the house is getting in the way.

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