Butterfly 2018

From a young age, 11-year-old, Max, has identified as a girl and as puberty looms, she begins to present increasing signs of gender variance. When Max was eight, her father, Stephen, left the family home. But as Max’s conviction that she’s in the wrong body intensifies, her distress escalates, and Stephen seizes the opportunity to return to live at the family home and support his daughter.

Flaming Butterfly

Flaming Butterfly was a drama series produced by Hong Kong broadcaster Asia Television. It was the first series to be filmed in High Definition by ATV. The series consisted of 40 1-hour episodes, but 21 of them were re-edited into 90-minute episodes, making it the second "Drama90" series to be aired by ATV. As a result of, the episode count was reduced to 31. The series was sold to MediaCorp TV, with each episode running for 1 hour, instead of 90 minutes.

Butterfly Island 1985

Butterfly Island is a 1985 Australian children's show. The first season cost $1.6 million, the second $3.2 million.

Butterfly Lovers

Butterfly Lovers is a Chinese television series based on the legend of the Butterfly Lovers, starring Peter Ho and Dong Jie as Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai respectively. The series was first broadcast on GZTV in China in 2007.

Ganges Gawa de Butterfly 2007

Teruko, a third year university student, comes across as a forthright and sunny girl but is in truth a rather timid person. She's also the sort who easily gets carried away and does things impetuously only to regret her actions later. Influenced by her older brother who has taken to wandering the world, Teruko too hopes to make her own journey one day but she lacks the courage, content to live the life of a normal university student ... However, she's also plagued with the insecurity of having done nothing she can be proud of in her lifetime, and mustering all her courage embarks on a solo trip to India ... While in India, she meets a fellow backpacker, Shingo. Teruko first regards Shingo as a frivolous person but as his encouraging words clear her hesitation and touches her, she falls in love with him. Then, Teruko plans to head to Bodh Gaya to see India's biggest festival but Shingo..(Dramawiki)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 2019

When a spirited kitten acquires magical powers, it transforms her into a part rainbow, part butterfly and part unicorn hybrid, and she goes on adventures with her best friends, a book-smart owl and a yeti, across a magical world, called Mythlandia.

The Butterfly Lovers 2017

A Chinese legend of a tragic love story of a pair of lovers, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.

Butterflies 1978

Ria Parkinson is a bored housewife and mother. She spends her time daydreaming, and meets regularly with wealthy businessman Leonard to relieve the monotony. Husband Ben, a dentist and avid butterfly collector is oblivious to it all, and her unemployed grown up sons, who both live at home also have other things on their minds, especially girlfriends.

My Lover, Madame Butterfly 2012

My Lover, Madame Butterfly is a South Korean romantic comedy television series starring Yeom Jeong-ah, Park Yong-woo, Kim Sung-soo, and Yoon Se-ah. It aired on SBS from October 16, 2012 to April 7, 2013 on Saturdays and Sundays at 20:40 for 51 episodes.

Mystery of the Blue Butterfly 2013

Set in Shanghai in the 1920s, "Mystery of the Blue Butterfly" tells of three courageous young women who formed a women's detective agency. Together, they fought against sin to solve an incredible mystery.

Meteor, Butterfly, Sword 2010

Adapted from Gu Long's novel of same title, "A shooting star burns but briefly, but while it burns what other star in the heavens is as bright, as brilliant.? When a shooting star appears, not even the stars in the enduring constellations can match its light. The life of a butterfly is delicate, even more fragile than flowers, but alas it lives only in the spring. It is beauty, it is freedom, it is flight.

Gorgeous Butterfly: Young Nobunaga 2019

The series is a historical drama aesthetically and boldly adapting the life of Oda Nobunaga in his teens up to his time as a warlord against his brother, Nobuyuki.

The Butterflies of Zagorsk

The Butterflies of Zagorsk was a documentary produced by the BBC, narrated by Michael Dean, and first broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1990. It tells the story of the remarkable teaching methods for children at the deaf-blind school in Zagorsk, 40 miles north of Moscow.

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