The Lafarge Case 1938

Based on true facts, a news item which was widely talked about in the nineteenth century, this is the story of a wife who might have poisoned her husband .

Cold Case 2003

The Philadelphia homicide squad's lone female detective finds her calling when she is assigned cases that have never been solved. Detective Lilly Rush combines her natural instincts with the updated technology available today to bring about justice for all the victims she can.

On the Case with Paula Zahn 2009

Award winning journalist Paula Zahn unravels shocking crimes interviewing those closest to the case including lawyers, the victim's family, detectives and the convicted murderer themselves.

Cold Case Files 1999

Explore compelling cases that have gone cold for years, chronicling the journeys of the detectives who reopened them. The detectives relive the events of the crimes, reveal new twists and startling revelations, relying on breakthroughs in forensic technology and the influence of social media to help crack these cases.

Case Histories 2011

Case Histories is a British drama television series based on the Jackson Brodie detective novels by Kate Atkinson. It stars Jason Isaacs as Jackson Brodie.

Case Sensitive 2011

When Geraldine Bretherick and her 5-year-old daughter Lucy are found dead in the bathroom of their luxury home, the case divides new DS Charlie Zailer and her DC Simon Waterhouse. Is it a murder-suicide or something even more sinister, and how watertight is the alibi of the apparently distraught husband Mark? Meanwhile, when Sally Thorne, a young working mother with a husband and two small children hears of the deaths, she is deeply shocked. Months before she’d met a man called Mark Bretherick at a hotel and they had a brief but passionate affair. Now, against the advice of her best friend, Esther, Sally feels the need to get in touch with Mark again to offer her sympathy. Based on the bestselling novel The Point of Rescue by Sophie Hannah, this psychological thriller explores the darker side of motherhood, identity and love.

Case 2015

A young ballerina is found hanged on a theatre stage in Reykjavik. The case is closed as suicide but two lawyers and a detective believe dark forces are at play in this challenging Icelandic thriller.

Haunted Case Files 2016

In this spine chilling series some of America's leading ghost hunters and mediums re-live their most terrifying real encounters with spirits, demons and other paranormal entities. We'll tell their stories with gripping interviews, powerful recreations and, in many cases, actual recordings - both audio and visual - of the events.

Head Case 2007

Head Case is a comedy starring Alexandra Wentworth as Dr. Elizabeth Goode, a therapist who treats Hollywood stars. Celebrities appear on the show as themselves. The show ran for three seasons, airing on the Starz TV Network, Wednesdays, at 10 p.m., EST.

Cold Case 2018

A team of specialist detectives re-look at some of New Zealand’s most chilling unsolved murders.

Famous 5: On the Case 2008

Famous 5: On The Case is an animated television series which is currently broadcast in the United Kingdom, on the Disney Channel. It is a British and French television co-production, loosely based on The Famous Five series of books created by Enid Blyton. At least some of the episodes have been developed for television by Douglas Tuber and Tim Maile, the writers of the former Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire. On 21 June 2008 the show debuted in Italy and Australia on Disney Channel. They, like their parents before them, embark on a new series of adventures. During these adventures the new Famous Five are able to make use of newer technology such as laptop computers and mobile phones which had not been invented in their parents' day.

Case Unclosed

Case Unclosed is a news and public affairs television show in the Philippines aired every Thursday evenings by GMA Network. The show was hosted by Arnold Clavio. Kara David served as the first host until March 5, 2009 when she was replaced by Clavio to host OFW Diaries. Case Unclosed featured some of the sensational cases in the Philippines that is up until now is not yet solved by the authorities. The episodes were directed by some award-winning Filipino independent film directors. The program is also broadcast on GMA News TV's Channel 11.

In Case of Emergency 2007

In Case of Emergency is an American half-hour comedy television series shown on ABC in the United States. The series follows a group of high school acquaintances whose lives have not turned out as they hoped. It premiered on January 3, 2007 at 9:30pm and ended on April 11, 2007. The pilot episode was directed by Jon Favreau and the cast included Jonathan Silverman, David Arquette, Lori Loughlin, Kelly Hu, and Greg Germann. ABC gave early renewal notices to several of its series on March 21, 2007 but In Case of Emergency was not one of them. Many believe this is due to being placed in the same time slot as "American Idol". On April 12, 2007, ABC announced that the show had been officially cancelled leaving one episode unaired, which has since been broadcast internationally.

Cold Case Files 2017

Tense new series exploring cold cases from victims death to criminal conviction. Expertly narrated by a foreboding Danny Glover.

Worst-Case Scenario 2002

Mike Rowe and a group of trained professionals demonstrate how to survive a variety of dangerous situations, from jumping from one building to another, to surviving in a falling elevator, to taking control when your car flips over. Based on the popular best-selling book The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, this show teaches practical life-saving skills that can be useful in the most extreme conditions.

D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? 2016

Over the past four and a half decades, the so-called D.B. Cooper skyjacking case has captivated countless armchair detectives - not to mention teams of FBI investigators - hoping to finally crack the nation's only unsolved act of air piracy. Now a California man, who has assembled a team of investigators, thinks he may have finally solved case, which will be detailed in the two-part History Channel special D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? that airs on Sunday and Monday.

The Case Against Adnan Syed 2019

Explore the 1999 disappearance and murder of 18-year-old Baltimore County high school student Hae Min Lee, and the subsequent conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, a case brought to global attention by the hugely popular Serial podcast.

Worst-Case Scenario 2010

Survival expert Bear Grylls puts himself into potentially life-threatening situations to show the how-to, hands-on, step-by-step instructions on everything you may need to know when faced with a worst case scenario.

The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey 2016

Clemente is joined by Scotland Yard behavioral analyst Laura Richards. Together, and with the aid of several others involved in the original case, they will try and solve the mystery of Ramsey’s death “once and for all.”

Wild Case Files

Wild Case Files is a documentary television series that premiered in the United Kingdom in July 2006 on the National Geographic Channel.

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