Trigger Finger 2012

Morgan Westin is a teenage wallflower -- who may or may not be responsible for her step-sister's murder. Detective Harold Casey is brought on to the case once suspicion for the crime falls on Joseph, a local drug dealer with whom Casey has a long-unsettled score. When Casey discovers that the killer might be Morgan, not Joseph, he decides to help her get away with murder, so that the "right man" can end up in jail. But is Morgan a cold-blooded killer, an innocent victim, or something in between?

Miss Marple: The Moving Finger 1985

The residents of a quiet English village begin to receive nasty, threatening letters. The wife of the local vicar calls in her friend Miss Marple to investigate.

Finger Tips

Finger Tips is a television programme produced by RDF Media's Children's production division, The Foundation. It is made primarily for CITV and was broadcast from 3 September 2001 until 14 December 2008. The Finger Tips presenters were Stephen Mulhern series 1-4, and Fearne Cotton series 1-3. The show is about creating things out of household items and aimed at a child audience. The programme manager is Wendy Larkin. The programme is recorded at The Maidstone Studios in Kent, former home to TVS Television and countless quality children's programming. There are different categories: ⁕Finger Tips Top Make: A major project, normally at the start of the show ⁕Food Finger Tips: Easy cooking and baking recipes ⁕Fun Finger Tips: Self-made games ⁕Little Finger Tips: Items made for making over odds and ends from around the home ⁕Makeover Finger Tips: Basically the same as "Little Finger Tips"- replaced it in later shows "Top Make" and "Little" or "Make-Over Finger Tips" featured in every show, and "Fun" and "Food Tips" were usually in alternate shows. There were also more specialised categories which ran briefly. "Fizzics Finger-Tips"- Fun science experiments "Cryptic Finger-Tips"- A special series on code-breakers "Green Finger-Tips"- Plant-related projects "Techno Finger-Tips"- Projects using a computer

Fire in His Fingertips 2019

Office worker Ryou Fujihashi is trapped inside her apartment which has set ablaze. The firefighters arrive in time to save her, and one of them happens to be Souma Mizuno, Fujihashi's childhood friend who she had a crush on. As the apartment fire gets put out, an old love gets rekindled.

7O3X Fastest Finger First 2017

As soon as he entered high school, the first year student Koshiyama Shiki was invited to the mysterious Quiz Study Group led by his senpai. What will Shiki run into when being dragged along by his class mate Mari into the dazzling world of competitive quizzes?!

Fingersmith 2005

A young woman is hired as a maid to an heiress who lives a secluded life on a large countryside estate with her domineering uncle. But, the maid has a secret: she is a pickpocket recruited by a swindler posing as a gentleman to help him seduce the heiress to elope with him, rob her of her fortune, and lock her up in a madhouse. The plan seems to proceed according to plan until the women discover some unexpected emotions.

Five Fingers 2012

Five Fingers is a 2012 weekend series from Seoul Broadcasting System starring Joo Ji-hoon as a pianist who wreaks revenge on the family that tried to destroy his dreams.

Fingertip 2019

The anthology series showcases how a single social media post, instigated by negative emotions, can change one's life forever.


Fingermouse is a British children's television programme made by the BBC in 1985. It is a spin-off of the earlier series Fingerbobs. The first episode was broadcast on 4 November 1985 on BBC1. The eponymous star was a paper finger puppet in the form of a mouse, who would play various musical instruments with the help of Iain Lauchlan, called the Music Man. Fingermouse also went adventuring outside, interacting with other paper puppets. Each episode lasted fifteen minutes, and one series was made.

Five Fingers 1959

Five Fingers is an NBC adventure/drama series set in Europe during the Cold War loosely based on the 1952 film 5 Fingers, starring James Mason and Danielle Darrieux. It ran from October 3, 1959, to January 9, 1960. David Hedison starred as 32-year-old Victor Sebastian, an American counterintelligence officer with the code name "Five Fingers". Luciana Paluzzi played Simone Genet, Sebastian's secretary and romantic interest. Paul Burke played Robertson, Sebastian's contact man. Five Fingers itself was based on the book Operation Cicero by L.C. Moyzisch and on the memoirs of Elyesa Bazna. Bazna was something of an antihero in real life; the television series transformed the character from a World War II-era mercenary Albanian into a Cold War era heroic American. Sebastian posed as a Communist to gain information on party activities. His public cover was that of a theatrical booking agent for clubs and cafes throughout Europe.

Fingerbobs 1972

Fingerbobs is a British children's television programme made by the BBC in 1972. The first episode was broadcast on 14 February 1972 on BBC1 as part of Watch with Mother. The show was created by Joanne and Michael Cole, who also created Bod. Only thirteen episodes were ever made. Presented by mime artist "Yoffy", each ten-minute episode told a story centred around a paper finger puppet animal, and usually involved collecting various items to make up another object at the end. The finger puppets, each of whom had their own song, included: ⁕Fingermouse - a mouse, consisting of a grey paper cone head with paper ears and whiskers with a grey glove for the body. Fingermouse later got his own show, with a new puppeteer, called "The Music Man". The Music Man would tell stories involving Fingermouse, using musical instruments. ⁕Gulliver - a seagull made from a white ping-pong ball placed over a thumb and white gloves forming the body with outstretched fingers as the wings. ⁕Scampi - several scampi were made using purple gloves with red heads on each finger

Rings on Their Fingers 1978

Rings On Their Fingers is a British television sitcom, written by Richard Waring. It ran from October 1978 to November 1980.

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